This seminar, entitled « Deepening the European Democracy », will focus on recent proposals from the Spinelli group in order to bring more federalism within the European Union, and especially within the European Parliament : the pan-European constituency, the trans-national political parties and the European Citizen Initiative. The working language of the seminar will be English only.

The seminar will start on Friday the 15th at noon. Conferences and brainstorming tables will tackle and discuss the themes in details : how to establish a single election board for the whole of Europe ? How will the political parties set up their political programme, and what will it be ? Are European citizens ready to vote for someone who doesn’t come from the same country ? etc.

In small working groups, participants will decide on, write and hand out their proposals : contributions, position papers, articles for JEF webzines, flyers… We are willing to make ours, i.e. public and official, the outcome of this seminar.

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