Fanny Vaucher event Warsaw

The Bęc Zmiana Fundation and APGEF have the great pleasure to invite you to join us for a special meeting with Fanny VAUCHER, the author of „Polish Pills”– an illustrated chronicle about Warsaw life.

The Swiss artist and illustrator will talk about her book, her years in Warsaw and determination to understand the „Polish way of life”.

Information about the venue :

  • November, 8th 2016 from 6pm to 8:30pm
  • Venue : AMONDO KINO – Zurawia 20
  • Register on facebook
  • The meeting will be held in English.
  • Possibility to buy the book during the event.

„When I first moved from Switzerland to Warsaw, I brought some painkillers with me: red and white ones, just like the Polish flag. One year down the line, I’ve still got one left. So I obviously haven’t been in that much pain! The creation of ‘Polish Pills’ came about quite spontaneously and was completely unplanned. It was something personal I did for myself more than anything and I think it was my way of adapting to a new environment. I don’t mean this in any therapeutic sense but there was a definite need for me to do it. I wanted to understand this city, to become attached to it, to create a relationship with it, to love it. A couple of years after releasing the first edition of ‘Polish Pills’, I’m happy that now the second version saw the light of day, supplementing my illustrated chronicle of the years 2012–2014 by chapters covering locations other than the capital, and created during the second year of my sojourn.” – Fanny Vaucher

Online Portfolio :

Fanny Vaucher Event - Warsaw


A few words about the organizers:

APGEF – Association des Polonais des Grandes Ecoles Françaises
Born in 2011, The APGEF is the first European network of Alumni with polish roots. It gathers 600 participants, who share an interest in promoting cross-cultural understanding between Poland, Germany and France. The program ranges from conferences on economy, literature and politics to international cooperation through drama classes in Polish.

Fundacja Bęc Zmiana
The foundation has been active since 2002 as a not-for-profit organisation that supports artistic and cultural activities aimed at discovering the spaces and ways in which the spirit of the times makes itself manifest.

A place created by filmmakers and cinema fans. Our goal is to share our passion with others. In 2015, we opened our new office in Warsaw where we organize on a regular basis cultural events, movie screening followed by discussions and conferences. Our office is becoming a cultural hub in the capital, a place opened for everyone who wants to spend a great time in a warm atmosphere and meeting new people.

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