The Polish Ministry of Environment has conducted a survey entitled « Let’s talk about shale », to evaluate public knowledge and acceptance of shale gas in the municipalities covered by concessions in Northern Poland.


The results have shown that 92% of the respondents are well informed about shale gas and that its extraction is widely accepted (72% support the extraction and production of gas from shale planned in the land they live in). Shale gas is seen as a more secure environment than other resources, such as coal or lignite and half of the respondents assess the opportunities associated with it (independence from neighbouring countries, cheaper energy, and increased prosperity).


Czy, ogólnie rzecz biorąc, jest Pan(i) za, czy też przeciw wydobywaniu gazu z łupków?


Gdyby gaz z łupków miał być wydobywany w pobliżu Pana(i) miejsca zamieszkania, to czy był(a)by Pan(i) za, czy też przeciw tej decyzji?

Source: Polish Ministry of Environment, 01/10/2013

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